How to run the programs

Our programs are portable applications which do not require any installation. Once you have downloaded the program, simply unpack the .zip file to a directory of your choice and execute the .jar file.

Java 6 or higher has to be present on your machine for our programs to run; this requirement is typically met by any reasonably up-to-date system.

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  1. Ivan #

    Hello! I bought you a program providing professional football! How to use the program I do not understand! Ffogger pro. And how does it work? Explain the whole situation please! There is a video tutorial?

    • admin #

      Hi Ivan,

      sorry for not replying earlier. Ffogger Pro works just like the free version, i.e. it calculates the odds for different markets based on your goal expectations for each team. In contrast to the free program, Ffogger Pro offers many more markets which bettors find useful, e.g. correct score, all over/under markets, different handicap markets and many more.

      I guess you will have found all the relevant information by now, but let me still just recap the essentials. In your .zip-file you will find the file Readme.txt, which explains how to run the program; in case you live in the Windows world, you run the program simply by double-clicking the .jar-file.

      The program itself has a Help/FAQ panel which will explain how to use the program. You might also have a look at the Method panel to see and understand what the average independent goals do and why they might be important for your bets. If in doubt, probably use a value between 0.1-0.2 for average independent goals.

      I hope this helps, but maybe we should think about a short video…


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